Keeping Well this Winter Booklet

Brigid Geoghegan
Brigid Geoghegan • 10 November 2020

Keeping Well this Winter Booklet

About this booklet

The next few months will be hard, for all of us, as we live with the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on our lives. But there are ways we can make it a little better for ourselves.

This season make a plan to help and care for yourself. Keeping active, getting outside and staying connected with other people can make a positive difference.

Some days, some weeks will be harder than others. This is especially true at times when we are living with restrictions, have to limit our social interactions and need to keep two metres social distancing even with friends. Or if we have to self-isolate because of symptoms or a diagnosis of COVID-19.

This booklet contains health information that you will find useful. The centre pages also contain space for you to note local phone numbers and contacts that you can use when you need to.

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